The energy challenges currently being faced across the world have never been so serious – economic competitiveness, the need to create local jobs, security of supply, energy independence, importance of public health, management of climate change and environmental protection are just some of these challenges.

Energy transition, currently being deployed worldwide, is a long-term structural change that provides many real solutions to these vital questions. It opens up many development opportunities but also creates new risks that need to be properly managed.

New energy production sources, new consumption patterns, new technologies for storage and workflow management are creating new positioning possibilities. New value chains are emerging beyond the traditional “generation/transmission/distribution/use” chain. Traditional actors will play new roles and new actors (industrial consumers, engineering companies, equipment suppliers, communities, public bodies) will take their place in this rapidly evolving sector.

By leveraging its in-depth economic and technical knowledge of energy, Actys Bee can help existing and future stakeholders involved in energy transition through three stages:

  • Shed light on the relevant energy landscape, with a vision from now until 2050, if necessary. A longer timeline makes it possible to generate disruptive ideas.
  • Clarify and expand the current role of the player in the field of energy: positioning, challenges, opportunities, risks, organization and stakeholders.
  • Co-elaborate a future energy transition positioning, with an associated roadmap and possible support in execution.


  • Study of the energy, environmental and social challenges faced by a large food company up to 2030, including economic impacts.
  • Analysis of the positioning and strategy of an oil & gas engineering company in new markets related to energy transition.
  • Elaboration of the industrial vision and strategy of a French biogas player.
  • Development of the positioning strategy of a building design engineering company on energy transition markets.
  • Involvement in an industrial think tank focused on the factory of the future.