Enea Consulting

Since 2007, ENEA has been advising and supporting leading private sector companies and public authorities around the world on the topic of energy transition sectors and markets. Through dedicated consulting services and pro bono support to NGOs and social entrepreneurs selected for their high potential impact, ENEA is also committed to energy access.



YBL Consulting

YBL Consulting is an international consulting firm dedicated to the design and implementation of regional energy transition strategies in the Asia Pacific area. Established in Hong Kong in 2013 by Wang Yifan, Wan Bing and Laurent Jammes, YBL Consulting works with a network of advisors and consultants from all over the world including France, the United States and China.



ENERGIES PROJECT SERVICES supports its customers in the realization of their projects at all stages, from feasibility to commissioning and operations, maximizing the techno-economic performance of assets. ENERGIES PROJECT SERVICES is specialized in technical assistance, innovation management and project management.




The BEAUTEMPS consultancy agency promotes creative and innovative processes within teams in a wide range of contexts (business model transformation, team performance improvement, new activity launches, mergers…). BEAUTEMPS aims to develop a climate favourable to operational creativity in different types of organizations (companies, institutions, universities, business schools, artistic communities and start-ups) and its expertise is focused on three core activities: consulting services, workshop organizations and training.

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