Emmanuel Julien

Emmanuel Julien is a co-founder and has been the CEO of Actys since the company was created in 2011. Emmanuel is also the general manager of ENEA, a consultancy company in the field of energy transition and sustainable development.

Emmanuel Julien joined the Air Liquide Group in 1988 as a research engineer. As his career evolved, he took on more operational roles with growing responsibilities in the group’s main European subsidiary – in production, internal sales, energy procurement, operations control and strategic planning. In 2003, he became the group’s Industrial Director with global responsibilities. In 2006, he was appointed Vice-President in charge of the Engineering Business Unit. He was also the CEO and member of the member of several subsidiaries of the Air Liquide Group.

Emmanuel’s work focuses on the strategic positioning of industrial companies in the field of energy, drawing on his management experience and his in-depth knowledge of the economic and technical aspects of traditional and renewable energies.

Emmanuel Julien is an engineer by training and an Independent Certified Company Board member. He participates in several business think tanks aiming at re-inventing the positioning of companies in society.

Laurent Jammes

Laurent Jammes is a co-founder of Actys and YBL Consulting, and the associate director of ENEA Consulting. Laurent is an expert in New Energy Technologies for energy transition (Marine Renewable Energy; Hydrogen; CO2 Capture and Storage; Energy storage; Geothermal, etc.), and is conducting research on the social acceptability of these technologies. Laurent is a member of several evaluation committees for research programs on “safe, clean and efficient energy” (France) and “CO2 Capture and Storage” (EU, Germany). He worked for 23 years at Schlumberger, a multinational service company in the Oil & Gas sector, in various R&D positions in France and China.

Laurent has delivered many short training courses and lectures to utilities, Oil & Gas companies and governmental agencies. He lectures at the University of Caen Basse- Normandy (Energy & Society). He has a PhD in physics, an Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris and a Master’s degree in Psychology. Laurent is a member of SPE.

Romain Provost

Romain Provost is a senior advisor for Actys. Romain is an expert in business strategy, organizational transformation and innovation in the Energy sector. He has thirty years of experience in industry and has occupied international managerial, executive and operational positions. He has worked for large innovative technology companies in the sectors of Energy, Oil & Gas, Project Engineering and Process Automation.

Romain has developed specific expertise in the deployment of new economic and industrial models to achieve a successful transition towards sustainable energy. With a strong sense of values, strategic vision, an operational mindset and intercultural skills, Romain is particularly interested in issues related to the development of intelligent infrastructure as a factor for effective and sustainable industrial transformation.

With degrees in Engineering and Economics, Romain started his career as scientific “attaché” at the French embassy in Cairo. In 1983, he joined Alstom/Cegelec, where he held several operational positions as Project Manager, Engineering Director at Alstom T&D, and finally CEO of the SE Asia & Indonesian subsidiary of Alstom Contracting. In 2001, he participated in the LBO of Cegelec as Vice-President of the international project division, before joining Invensys (an Anglo-Saxon Company leader in process automation) as vice-president and managing director for Southern Europe and Africa from 2007 to 2012. During those five years, he was also a director of GEP-AFTP (the syndicate of French Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Companies). Romain Provost is a member of several professional associations and think tanks on economic and industrial development in our society and on “the city of tomorrow”.

Sébastien Manganneau

Sébastien Manganneau is a senior advisor for Actys. He is the founder and CEO of ENERGIES PROJECT SERVICES, a company that provides support for project implementation and management, at all development stages (from economic feasibility assessment to infrastructure commissioning and the supervision of operations).

Sébastien has in-depth expertise in hydrogen mobility and in the management of large and complex projects, in different energy-related fields. He is currently involved in the implementation of hydrogen mobility infrastructure deployment projects. Sébastien started his career in 1998 in TOTAL E&P managing projects in different countries and in different environments (Iran, Angola, Norway). In 2007, he moved to Air Liquide to structure one of the largest projects related to hydrogen technology in France. Since 2010, he has been working through his own company, ENERGIES PROJECT SERVICES, which provides expertise to different customers in the field of energy project management.

Sébastien received a M.S. at Ecole Polytechnique in France, and a M.S. in Oil and Gas development at IFP School.

Catherine Champeyrol

Catherine Champeyrol is a senior advisor for Actys. She founded BEAUTEMPS in 2009, an agency that provides a full range of consultancy services to support and manage creativity in a project management context. With BEAUTEMPS, she facilitates the creative process within organizations, both in small companies and large international corporations (IDTGV, Total Group, Van Cleef & Arpels, Sofitel, Arkamys).

Catherine has 20 years of management experience in creative industries – textile, fashion, trend forecasting, digital start-ups, both in Europe and Japan.

Catherine graduated from EDHEC business school in 1987, Sup de Luxe in 1995 and Créa-Université in 2009.

As an artist, she shows her paintings in galleries located in Paris, London and Macau under the name of Cacham (www.cacham.fr). She co-founded the cultural program “Dans Quelle Vie Tu Monde(s)?” in 2013 with a team of artists and entrepreneurs.

Gilles Morvan

Gilles Morvan is a senior advisor for Actys, an administrator of XMP Consult’s professional network, and the head of Ecobiz numérique, a collaborative platform for economic development in the Drome area (southeastern France).

Gilles Morvan assists local communities, telco operators, utilities and companies during their transformation processes, using digital technologies and practices as enablers. His work focuses on sectors having to cope with major transition issues: Telecommunications, Cities, Energy, Environment, and Transport. He has specific expertise in networks, information systems and transformation practice acquired over 25 years working in the telecommunications sector, and extended in the last few years to cities, the environment and energy.

His approach is a flexible one based on customer objectives: awareness raising, demand analysis, feasibility studies, project scope definition, management and launch, and change management. He works preferentially with the customer’s in-house project teams in a collaborative approach, using key performance indicators covering gains in productivity, customer experience, innovation, organization and skills.

He is empowered by his experience in operational business development management in the international telecom market, firstly in a French government agency (6 years as mobile networks program director), then in Matra Communication (5 years as head of strategic marketing then business development), SNCF/Telecom Développement (3 years as program director for network and information system deployment), SFR (4 years as director for new services development, in B2B and B2C), Alcatel (5 years as applications operations then BU director), Alcatel/Lucent (6 years as marketing and business development director for professional services in EMEA, and head of transformation consulting practice).

Vincent Bricout

Vincent Bricout is a senior advisor for Actys. He has been a consultant since 2007 and has assisted many clients in the energy (Oil & Gas, coal, solar, fuel cells and CCS), chemical, petrochemical, pharma, automotive, air and rail transport industries in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. He is an associate at YBL Consulting in Hong Kong.

Vincent also has expertise in the management of large and complex projects in various sectors of energy, the environment and energy transition. He has developed expertise in technology and innovation management. Vincent joined Schlumberger in 1998 where he managed R&D projects and later real-time operation support software products. He joined Arthur D. Little in Dubai in 2007 then in Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong in 2013.

Vincent earned an engineering degree from Université de Technologie de Compiègne, a PhD from Cornell University near New York City and an MBA from the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai.